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COVID-19 Maker Challenge

Improving oral care for covid-19 patients

by SM | 11 months ago | in Nursing Home Challenge

Nursing staff are often pressed for time and may have concerns about providing oral hygiene assistance to patients with covid-19. One in seven covid-19 patients develop a secondary bacterial pneumonia which may be prevented through consistent oral hygiene.

Please share any additional details about this challenge that will help the Maker Teams design a solution

To improve the oral care we provide all patients, I propose that the team 1) develop a simple inexpensive 360 degree battery powered toothbrush (like the Sonic 360 brush) that quickly brushes all the teeth at once with a reduced risk of splatter and does not depend on Bluetooth technology or a smart phone and/or 2) develop a cover that keeps a regular toothbrush clean when not in use but still allows the bristles to dry and attaches to the patient’s bathroom mirror or handrail.

Would you be available to answer questions as the Maker Teams work on their designs to the challenge(s) described here?



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