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COVID-19 Maker Challenge

Breathable masks

by Maggie Tolan | 11 months ago | in Nursing Home Challenge

There is a need for a mask that is more breathable. Many of the masks that Nursing Homes staff have now trap their exhales and heat up rapidly.

Please share any additional details about this challenge that will help the Maker Teams design a solution

Would you be available to answer questions as the Maker Teams work on their designs to the challenge(s) described here?


Maggie Tolan

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Girish Srinivasan 11 months ago

There is a good opportunity to design and 3D print inserts that can be fit onto any masks that can serve multiple purposes. I am closely connected with a team that won the MIT Hackathon last month for a 3D printable design that included special filters. Might be an interesting fit and opportunity to collaborate.

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Pamela Holloway 11 months ago

Maggie, there is a much better option that can provide protection for both the mask wearer as well as those not wearing masks. Further, it is an option that doesn't decrease oxygen levels as measured by pulse oximeter.

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