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COVID-19 Maker Challenge

Employee symptom check

by Maggie Tolan | 11 months ago | in Nursing Home Challenge

Employee symptom check and temperature check as employees arrive to work at the nursing homes. Currently, many nursing homes require employees to complete this process on an honor system by simply documenting their health data in a paper log. Nursing homes do not have funds budgeting to supervise this process directly nor to monitor the data as often as they would like. They would like an automated system to record this health data prior to workers clocking in at the time clock. A related issue is the general concern for the accuracy of thermometers. This particular challenge knower uses a chronos time clock with fingerprint scanner. The nursing home administrators would like to have real time access to this health data.

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Maggie Tolan

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Girish Srinivasan 11 months ago

General health status checks using vital signs can be a strong benefit for early intervention and action. I am quite interested in building solutions for using various vital signs to automatically evaluate health risks including COVID-19. I have done some work in this area and built some predictive models and designed dashboards that can help in monitoring both residents and employees. I would love to further my solution and collaborate on this topic. I am looking forward to participate in this upcoming challenge.

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Steven Handler 11 months ago

There is a new website developed by the VA that may a middle ground:

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