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COVID-19 Maker Challenge

Carefree Outdoor Socializing

by Dallas Blaney | 11 months ago | in Nursing Home Challenge

Some states now allow nursing homes and assisted living facilities to offer opportunities for their residents and their loved ones to visit outdoors. However, this opportunity, as important as it is, imposes a significant staffing burden on facility managers who much schedule staff members to monitor all meetings to ensure family members maintain a proper social distance and do not in any way jeopardize the health of residents. Administrators are seeking a way to reduce the staffing burden of these efforts to allow their already-taxed staff the opportunity to complete other essentials tasks. 

Please share any additional details about this challenge that will help the Maker Teams design a solution

Would you be available to answer questions as the Maker Teams work on their designs to the challenge(s) described here?


edited on Jul 3, 2020 by Dallas Blaney
Dallas Blaney

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Seietsu Ichiba 10 months ago

When you take seat with your honey set a tape type in the middle of the table
,that is crafted made nozzle that flow air upward with 2m/sec.
then you will be OK, the nozzle of 1 m long will isolate two of you by air .
Then think how it can be applied .inflight . sport stadium . concert hall,
anywhere, but in addition , you will have a portable air barrier of 300g,
and 60-80 cm long , that flowing air around your mouth and nose but
never touch your face , passing apart 3-10 cm from your top point of nose.
,the angle of air flow must be up ward by 45-90 degree, where the nozzle
slit stands on your left low chin look like a reporter with wireless mike.

The point is that we try to flow away contaminated air to over 2m upward where
good indoor ventilation equipped or outdoor .The virus can be stupid in air
fearing being flown out before invading human body .So no need distance
but 10-30cm kept, no need mask , In school kids take unknown action but when
wear a portable air barrier , that 's Ok ,kids can do anything with friends.
Air plan , an economic seat can have small nozzle on the left side for each seat.
and change fight air conditioning system now up to down but down to up.

To save world I tried , easy to use , easy to make , easy to understand ,
in fact anyone can make it and if we collect wisdom ,it will be another
academic ," open aero dynamics". Aerodynamic need rigid object like rocket
for ,but we don't have any ,only have air itself. For what in the future?
Health ? defense ? environment as EPA starts to engage in .?

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