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Mood Adjustment

The uncertainty and stress of coping with COVID-19 takes a heavy toll on the emotional wellbeing of residents and staff who share this isolated existence, hidden within the new dystopia of long-term care facilities. Staff and residents would benefit from an emotional daily boost, perhaps some musical activity or therapy to help people relax. 

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Theme Masks

For the residents in long-term care facilities,  especially those with cognitive challenges, it can be disorienting and downright scary to interact with staff outfitted in standard-issue masks and face shields. Staff and residents would like a mask that can keep them safe yet allow them to create or maintain emotional connections with the residents they serve. 

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Quickdraw Sanitizer McGraw

Long-term care staff have been asked to do more with less, often juggling multiple tasks over long hours to properly care for the residents in their facilities. To ease this burden, staff would like a tool belt that gives them easy access to sanitizer, handi-wipes, disposable gloves, and other essential items needed to keep themselves and their residents safe. 

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Carefree Outdoor Socializing

Some states now allow nursing homes and assisted living facilities to offer opportunities for their residents and their loved ones to visit outdoors. However, this opportunity, as important as it is, imposes a significant staffing burden on facility managers who much schedule staff members to monitor all meetings to ensure family members maintain a proper social distance and do not in any way jeopardize the health of residents. Administrators are seeking a way to reduce the staffing burden...

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Sanitizing furniture and household items for new residents

As facilities begin to open up again and accept new residents, the residents must quarantine for 14 days after their arrival. This poses a challenge for assisted living facility administrators who either a) have to provide temporary furniture to the residents during their quarantine or b) develop a thorough system for sanitizing all of the resident's furniture and belongings upon their arrival. Staff are seeking a solution that will ease the financial and time burden associated with...

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